Using Power Tool Et Stryd+Zone for Training Session Provided by PowerCenter

Jan 14, 2024

2 mins read

Since 2023, Stryd’s Stryd+Zone data field has supported workouts created directly by Garmin Connect, and synchronizes PowerCenter workouts with the Garmin platform.

The data field then reads steps directly from Garmin’s standard workouts and takes care of alerting when zones are exceeded.

Power Tool and Power Workout support exactly the same functionality. As a result, the user ends up receiving alerts from two different applications for the same workout. Quite disturbing!

A radical solution is to use only one of the fields. But this means losing a number of functions.

If we remove the Stryd+Zone field, as result we would have:

  1. No synchronization with PowerCenter
  2. No recording of advanced metrics such as LSS, ground contact time, form power…

If you remove Power Tool, you lose:

  1. the equivalent pace calculation on a track.
  2. the heart rate analysis for a given power.
  3. the cardio belt misplacement alerts.
  4. the estimation of the sensation.
  5. ….

The solutions

The solution is to disable alerts for either Power Tool or Stryd+Zone.

In the first case, simply edit the Power Tool settings and deselect support for structured training:

Disable Workout
Disabling Workouts for Power Tool

In this case, the Power Tool field will work as if it had no workout selected for the session.

For Stryd+Zones, it is not possible to deactivate the workout management, but it is possible to mute notifications. To do this, simply deselect “Enable Tones” and “Enable Vibrartions” in your settings:

Disable Workout Stryd
Disabling workout notification for Stryd+Zone

Stryd+Zone will continue to display the out of zone indication in its field, but will remain silent.
Note that activating notifications on Power Tool enables a finer alert (delay for the first out of zone and its repeat time) and a full-screen notification even if the field is not visible on the current page.

Happy training with PowerCenter!

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