Creating Workouts for Stryd Foot Pod Directly Through Garmin Connect

Aug 22, 2022

1 min read

Since 2022, Garmin has added support for running power but it is limited only to its own equipment. For the Stryd sensor, only two solutions officially are existing:

  1. Either use the native Garmin running application and add the Stryd field. This configuration allows to use only the power in an informative way. Structured training is not supported.
  2. Use the Stryd application and, in this case, structured training with the power sensor is possible but with losing many native functionalities like navigation or voice announcements.

However, it is possible to add in the first configuration the Power Workout or Power Tool field which are handling the alerts of structured workouts created by Garmin connect.

Here’s how to do it.

Watch configuration

For the watch, it is only required to install the data field Power Workout or Power Tool in addition to Stryd’s own. It is also recommended to activate the data field notification in order to be alerted when running out of zone.

Here a small video which explains the steps:

Workout creation

Creating structured workouts are similar to Garmin connect power device users. It is just necessary to create a workout and add for each step as target:

  1. a power zone
  2. or a range for the running power

Here a small video which shows the procedure:

The power zones defined by Stryd and Garmin can be completely different and due to teh fact that they cannot be fetched, it is necessary to define it in Power Workout or Power Tool settings.

Here a small tutorial which shows how to set the zones:

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