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Virtual Racer

Virtual Pacer/Racer data field.


The field display itself the following information:

  1. the current pace
  2. through a progress bar, the remaining distance
  3. the distance behind or ahead to the virtual partner


The pacer itself has following configuration parameters:

  • the distance and the race average pace (mandatory)
  • a warmup time/distance: during this time the pacer is deactivated. After this time, the pace is adapted to reach the requested average pace at the end of the race.
  • an optional possibility to use the lap button to stop the free running or the warmup.
  • an optional startup or finish pace: this permits to request a specific pace at the arrival or after the warmup. But this does not change the average pace:
    • If the finish space is unset, the pace is calculated so that the finished space is reached as slow as possible. In other words, it minimize the necessary speed to reach the given overall race pace.
    • If the start pace is unset, the average pace is used as starting pace.

Color convention:

  • Gray: warmup phase
  • Black: end of the race
  • Green: Ahead
  • Blue: same time (with a configurable tolerance)
  • Orange: behind but the actual speed permits to win the race
  • Red: behind


warm up time set to 2:00, distance to 5k, pace set to 5:00 and finish pace set to 4:50.

  1. During the first 2 minutes, the virtual partner stays at the same speed as you.
  2. At 2 minutes, the pace was 6:00. The virtual partner then continue with this pace and in increase the speed progressively.
  3. when it reach 5k, its instant pace is now 4:50 and the overall pace for the 5k was 5:00

constant pace to 05:00 for a 5k:

  1. set the warm up distance to 0
  2. the distance to 5.0
  3. set the target pace to 5:00

45 min run with a target pace to 5:00 with a finish at 4:30 and a slow warm up at a pace of 6:00 during 10 min.

  1. set the warmup to 10:00
  2. set the race time/duration to 45:00
  3. set the target pace to 5:00
  4. set the start pace to 6:00
  5. set the final pace at 4:30

5k with a target pace to 5:00 and the first 10 minutes run without a imposed pace. After 10 minutes, the virtual partner will adapt the speed to do the 5k with a pace of 5:00.

  1. set the warmup time to 10:00
  2. set the distance to 5.0
  3. set the target pace to 5:00
  4. Set “Begin Race after Warmup” to false

25k bike race with a target speed of 30.5 km/h

  1. set the warmup time to 0
  2. set the distance to 25.0
  3. set the target pace to 30.5
  4. clear the final and start pace

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