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Flat Pace

Equivalent pace on a flat athletic track.

Data field which displays the equivalent pace on a flat track.

The computation is made by learning the relation between the pace and a power sensor. Therefore, the displayed pace require a training phase of the algorithm of at least 10 minutes and get more and more precise during the runs.

For the calibration phase proceed as followings: during the first usage, run on a flat road and perform some intervals of 30s on which the complete pace range is covered (from the slowest speed to the fastest). After this phase, just run as usual, the precision of the algorithm will then increase with the learned power and speed of the further runs.

It is also possible to configure:

  • pace zones
  • learn history of the algorithm
  • two fields (instance pace, mean over a pariod, …)

This application does not interfere with Stryd’s own data field. It is possible to use both on a same activity.

Device Configuration

To work a power device need to be configured. Two possibilities:

  • Use the integrated power sensor of the watch. This works on Forerunner 735xt, Forerunner 745, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 945 and fēnix devices. It permits to work with a Stryd foot pod but also with the solution of Garmin.
  • Use the ANT+ connexion. In this case, it permits to devices which does not support natively the running power to be supported (Vivoactive or Foreunner 245).

The default configuration is to use ANT+ with a autodetection of of the device ID.

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