Power Zones and Flat Pace Zones

May 18, 2023

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Zone number are a simplified way to represent the intensity of the effort. It has the advantage of providing a simple number, easy to interpret, during the race and for workouts, it permits to easily defines the intensity ranges.

Power Tool display it into 2 ways:

  • A progress bar in the background with a color that represents the zone
  • A simple 2 digit zone number

The zones are configured through the settings in ConnectIQ. Fro example, for the following configuration we have:

Power Settings
Power zones configured in GarminIQ

The zones are:

Power Zone Color
<150W 0 ⚪ transparent
150W-170W 1.x ⚫ gray
170W-190W 2.x 🔵 blue
190W-211W 3.x 🟢 green
211W-230W 4.x 🟠 orange
230W-250W 5.x 🔴 red
>250W 6 🟣 purple

To display the zone itself, it is the necessary to select the value “Power Zone” for 3s, 5s, 10s or more for the fields:

Power Display
Fields in GarminIQ

Here, for a treadmill run, the main field will display the power zone number for 3s and the background color will correspond to the instantaneous power zone.

Flat pace zones can also be used with the same procedure as for the power zones. Their configuration are similar and the numbering convention and their associated color representation are identical.

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