Power Recording While Running Without the Stryd Data Field

Jul 24, 2021

1 min read

Power Tool et Power Based Workouts for Runner
now log the power in the .FIT file. This eliminates the need to install also the Stryd’s data field to visualize the data after the race.

This provides a bit more flexibility over Garmin watches as they limit often to two the number of Connect IQ fields.

But, it also allows to visualize the power on the watch during the race without sharing the session with Power Center. We can find this idea a little absurd, but for my part, I don’t want my trail runs to be analyzed by Stryd algorithms (auto-CP and power curve). The solution until was to manually delete or exclude the sessions on Power Center. Now it is simply possible not to download them.

The platforms which permit the power analysis without Stryd’s native data field:


  • Power Center from Stryd ignore completely the session when their data field is not installed.
  • Training Peaks ignore the power information.
  • Advanced information (LSS, Form Power, …) are not available on Garmin Connect.

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