Configurating Garmin Watches to Use Running Dynamics With Stryd

Oct 28, 2022

1 min read

The problem

With version 10 of the Fenix7 firmware1, Garmin offers a support native of the running power either:

  1. by the HRM-Pro chest strap
  2. either directly using the watch’s sensors.

In both cases, this information takes precedence over the Stryd sensor because the foodpod of Stryd requires an additional ConnectID field. This is particularly annoying because Stryd is more practical (a footpod is still more comfortable to wear than a chest strap) and more accurate. The solution for Fenix7 firmware 9 is to disable the advanced features of the HRM-Pro by connecting it only as a heart rate monitor. A bit restrictive to ing to choose between having an accurate measured power and the running dynamics metrics of Garmin…

The solution

From the version 10 of the firmware of the Fenix7, it is possible to choose if the power comes from the HRM-Pro accessory or from the calculation of the integrated sensor’s of the watch. Garmin has also finally added the possibility to disable its estimation by a parameter of the running/trail profile:

By disabling completely the power, the field Stryd Zones can be used as before in conjunction with the HRM-Pro and the analysis through Power Center is also possible .
For structured workouts, using additionally Power Workout or Power Tool permits to handle the out of zone alerts and also the vocal announcements for workouts programmed through Garmin connect, Training Peaks or Nolio.

At least all training features provided natively by Garmin on the watch are then available through this 2 data fields with a more precise footpod.

  1. Only available as beta firmware at this time. ↩︎

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