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HIIT Field

A simple but useful High Intensity Interval Training timer.

HIIT Field” is a simple but useful High Intensity Interval Training timer.

Workout structure

A HIIT workout comprises a sequence of cycles composed of base cycles followed by a warm up and a cool down phase. Each base cycle is composed to a high insensitivity effort period followed by a moderate effort period. At the end of the base cycles, a rest is scheduled. A cycle is composed to the base cycles followed by the rest time.

The configuration for biking and running activities is separated to all others to enable a different setting for triathletes using a same data field.


  1. 10 minutes warmup
  2. 4 tabata runs ( 20 high effort followed by 10 second moderate effort. Repeated 8 times. At the end a pause of 1 minute)
  3. 2 minutes cool down.

The configuration would be:

  • Warm up duration (seconds) = 600 (10 minutes)
  • Main cycle: iterations = 4
  • Base cycle: iterations = 8
  • Base cycle: high effort duration = 20
  • Base cycle: low effort duration = 10
  • Main cycle: pause duration = 60 (1 minute)
  • Cool down duration (seconds): 120 (2 minutes)


The timer is implemented as data field1. It can be added to any activity. The start of each phase is announced by an acoustic signal, a vibration sequence, a data field alert, and by switching the back-light on. 3 seconds before each phase change a sequence of vibrations permits to announce it. The background colors of the field permits also to quickly see the current phase.

  1. For the user which does not know how to install a data field, please read “Adding Data Fields From Garmin Connect IQ”. ↩︎

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