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7-Minutes workout application

Seven is a simple application for the 7-Minutes workout.

For those who don’t know the workout, simply watch this video:


  • Time for each workout configurable per garmin connect mobile application.
  • In pause mode, possibility through swiping to switch to an other workout
  • Lap information for each workout (work only on the web page and not on garmin connect mobile application)
  • Select button permits to pause the activity
  • Back button permits to exit/save the activity (can be disabled during the session)

Each workout begins with a small transition (per default 10s) which is there to give enough time to go in position. Then the workout should be performed. On Garmin Connect, the lap information is tagged with the workout name.

Here is a preview of Seven on a Vivoactive HR:


If you want that I add additional workouts, please provide:

  1. A title of the workout in French, English, German and Spanish.
  2. A pictogram which describes the workout.

If somebody want translate this application, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks to Miguel Angel Maiso for providing the translation of Spanish.

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