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Rowing application with accurate cadence and recovery time

Exiting is only possible using the menu button1 and then select the entry “Save&Exit”.2

Application dedicated for the rowing on real boats activity (It does not work for indoor rower):

  1. Compute in real time the stroke frequency (after each stroke during the recovery phase)
  2. Compute the recovery ration (recovery time/total time of at stroke)
  3. Stroke length
  4. Auto pause by speed
  5. Alarms on recovery ratio and stroke frequency
  6. Displaying the stroke frequency and the recovery ratio of the actual stroke (in white, big font)

In pause mode, it is possible by changing the current page to inspect the statistics of all laps (distance, median speed, median cadence, median stroke length,….).

It is the same view as for the running mode but does not display the instant values.

Garmin connect configuration page is only used for setting debugging parameters. The complete application configuration (alarms, themes, auto lap, …) is configured using the menu button of the watch (or long press on the screen on touch screen watches)

With Garmin Connect, it is possible the view the graphic of the variation of the recovery, the stroke length and the cadence. Also general lap and session statistics are computed:

  1. median value of recovery, cadence and stroke length
  2. low value (first decile, which is more stable as the minimum)
  3. high value (last decile, which is more stable as the maximum)
  4. A stability factor which is the interquartile range divided by the median value (in percent). A low value mean that the value has less change over the time.

In running mode (when the pause symbol is not visible), page up/down permits to switch the view (full information, HR/Pace/Dist/Cad, Recovery/Pace/Dist/Cad).

In pause mode, page up/down permits to consult the history of the previous laps.

NOTE: the algorithm to compute the stroke frequency and the recovery is home made. It is tuned with the data of few people. If it does not work, please contact me in order to investigate it.

  1. On touch screen watches, long press of screen and on other long press to the menu button. ↩︎

  2. The back button can be configured to save and exit also through the match menu. The reason why this is deactivated is to avoid that an unattended swipe stop the activity.


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